Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eight Legs.




Melbourne Snaps.35mm Black Bird Fly

Melbourne was FANTASTIC.
It was suprisingly hot.
I worked on my sandal tan as I walked the streets lined with old buildings and amazing shops.
On this trip I found that the splendour of Melbourne actually lies under the surface of it's old brick and stainless facade.
If you aren't brave enough to venture past the bins and crates you would never know about the cheap eats,boutiques and interesting locals that dwell in them.
Thankfully I was with locals the whole time and did not have to face the awkward looks that would be exchanged between myself and a bin man on his daily run down an uninhabited alley...

On a different note...
I am really hating on boys right now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seven Dwarves.

Until today I had put my Melbourne trip to the back of my mind so that it didn't take to long to appear.
13 hours away.
Trouble is, I am not sure if I am ready yet.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six and a Half.

I am going to be brutally honest here.

I got my photo taken last thursday at a magazine launch.
I stood.I grabbed my closest comrade.I posed.I smiled.FLASH.FLASH.
The photo was taken.
The lady then proceeded to hand my friend and I the adress for the photographic website on little tiny pieces of fabric...
I have a good feeling and am expecting great things from this lady as the website is printed on fabric and NOT on sterile white paper.
(You would understand if you saw the dance I do when someone hands me a brown paper bag with anything printed on it)


I was as high as a bunch of brightly coloured helium filled ballons.
Probably a little bit too excited about such menial social exposure.
So I checked to see if the picture was up a couple of times.
Not there Saturday.Not there Sunday.Not there Monday.Not there Tuesday.Not there Wednesday.(yes a couple of times)
Thursday...Not there...OH WAIT it is there....ohhhhh dear.
Upon viewing the photograph my bunch of brightly coloured helium filled ballons deflated...
Actaully No.I lie.
They didn't deflate.
They were popped.
With many, MANY pins of dissapointment.



My photogentic nature is rapidly declining.
I think I need to see someone about my problem.
Too bad I can't see anyone if my eyes are shut all the freaking time.

5 Times Lucky.




New internet
Hours of finger clicking fun.
Thank God I don't have a credit card.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Four Points Of The Globe.

It is etched in my memory.
A bridge was built from your sad smile to mine
as the train swayed gently from side to side.
Colourful warehouses and dreary rain streaked past the frosted windows.
My hands did not want to leave yours.
My body did not want to leave your side.
Illusions of a grand love.
But reality found me down the rusted tracks.
Home called me back to her comfortable surroundings.
Separation was near.
It was just a holiday.

It is just a memory.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Three Is A Crowd.

Materially satisfied.
Relationally satisfied.
In all, Sunday was a grand success...

I Impulse bought the dress of my dreams.
(Thanks to some short notice financing from Dane)
I am in Love with it.
It is a stunning moss-green cocktail dress meets 1950's administrative assistant.
Very Red-esque.
(Red is a character from one of my favorite TV series Madmen)
She is my style inspiration at this stage and I channel her every chance I get.


A Sunday is never complete without the combination good company and the consumption of great food at a nice cafe.
It is an even better day when the cafe you visit pleasantly surprises you and skips hand in your hand all the way to the top of your favorite cafes list.

the Beach Street Deli.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it took my heart and it took my money in exchange for a fabulous plate of Mexican quiche and pasta salad and a (prepare yourself for the pretentious description) organic - fair trade - soy - flat white.
Yum.Take me now.

White shutters surrounded the room as the breeze carried a hint of summer though the slats.As I looked around the room I began to smile.Vases of flowers stood brightly around the room and miscellaneous postcards and vintage photographs lined the crisp white walls.We sat on miss-matched chairs made more comfortable by miss-matched nautically striped cushions and ate off patterned miss-matched plates but I did not feel miss-matched with the the person who was keeping me company... I felt quite the contrary.

Yum.Take me now.

When the sun went down and my attractive friend had gone home.
I Went to the pictures with Dane,Tegan and Courtney.
We saw UP in 3D.
It was amazing.
I am keeping the glasses...
Even if they do give me a headache.

Currently Listening: Good Woman by Catpower.
Next Purchase: Cue Feathered Shoulder Pads.
date me.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Timing.

At approximately 10.45pm Australian EST a text frenzy between myself and a rather attractive male broke out.
there were txts flying everywhere.

After this correspondence I have come to the conclusion that

1. Everyone is vain/shallow and some are just better at hiding it than others.

2.I hate the term ladies man: A ladies man is a sleaze in disguise.I personally don't think that there much difference between the term sleeze and ladies man apart from the fact that a ladies man is more likely to have a nice haircut,a nice pair of slacks and a pleasant/non-greasy disposition.


3. He wears nice shoes.


Apparently this is all the rage.
Amy has it.
Sonya has it.
Dane HAD it.
13 year old's become famous because of it.
and I knew nothing about it.
I still know nothing about it.

Here begins my cyber spacial thought bin.