Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six and a Half.

I am going to be brutally honest here.

I got my photo taken last thursday at a magazine launch.
I stood.I grabbed my closest comrade.I posed.I smiled.FLASH.FLASH.
The photo was taken.
The lady then proceeded to hand my friend and I the adress for the photographic website on little tiny pieces of fabric...
I have a good feeling and am expecting great things from this lady as the website is printed on fabric and NOT on sterile white paper.
(You would understand if you saw the dance I do when someone hands me a brown paper bag with anything printed on it)


I was as high as a bunch of brightly coloured helium filled ballons.
Probably a little bit too excited about such menial social exposure.
So I checked to see if the picture was up a couple of times.
Not there Saturday.Not there Sunday.Not there Monday.Not there Tuesday.Not there Wednesday.(yes a couple of times)
Thursday...Not there...OH WAIT it is there....ohhhhh dear.
Upon viewing the photograph my bunch of brightly coloured helium filled ballons deflated...
Actaully No.I lie.
They didn't deflate.
They were popped.
With many, MANY pins of dissapointment.



My photogentic nature is rapidly declining.
I think I need to see someone about my problem.
Too bad I can't see anyone if my eyes are shut all the freaking time.

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